Marital honesty – heartwarming conversation

E: “What do you think of me wearing makeup then?”
T: “It’s.. it’s different.”
E: “Different like ‘Never do that again’ or ‘I’ll get used to it?’ different?”
T: “Just.. different. I get that you do it for the camera but honey, you don’t need it.”
E: “No?”
T: “No, you’re pretty just the way you are. You don’t need a face full of makeup.”
E: “Aww.. thanks love. I promise this won’t be an every-stream thing. Besides, it takes forever to get ready with this.. I don’t know how anyone wearing makeup everyday get anything done.”

He smiles at me and return to his computer. Later in the evening when I had washed off all the makeup he turned to me coming into the living room, beamed a huge smile and exclaimed: “There’s the woman I fell in love with! Welcome home honey!”

My sweet boi ❤

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