My hormone patches are back!

To my huge relief I was notified that the hormone patches are available again at the drug stores yesterday. Luckily, I had also gotten a new prescription for the patches so I would be ready for when the production started again. I was also pleasantly surprised that the prescription was for 6 months instead of the regular 3 month supply that I had gotten before. I quickly ordered it yesterday and switched back to the patches immediately. It’s gonna be a few days until my body adjusts to the patches again but I’ll happily wait out the side effects from the gel as I now know the headache will go away and the sweating will subside. I’m also hoping that my shattered mind will regain some kind of peace and quiet along with some much needed focus.

I know that the patches do a lot for my health, I’ve been educated in the matter on several occasions both before and after the operation, but over the two years that now have passed I’ve kind of forgotten just how big of a difference they really do. With my description in the earlier paragraph it sounds like some kind of miracle patches, but it all comes down to hormones. Even if I somewhat knew what my body’s reaction would be when I had to stop with the patches (switch to the gel and then switch back), it was still hard to see and understand that what was happening was all connected to hormones and mostly in my own head.

I do not look forward to when I’m actually supposed to go through the menopause, but hopefully it will be over quickly and maybe I’ll be a little more ready for what’s to come with all that have happened.

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