Handling Twitch unfollows and mass follows

One thing that has been consistently hard for me to tackle is when I loose followers. It’s hard not to take it personally and I really don’t feel comfortable questioning people as to why they chose to unfollow me. A couple of days ago though I was notified that some of my followers had been auto-unfollowed from my channel and was also told they had to take quite a few steps so they could re-follow me (like clearing their web browser history, reload the page and whatnot) since the follow button still showed that they were following me. I know this has been a thing on YouTube where you can sometimes be unfollowed from a channel even if you don’t actively go in to a profile to unfollow that particular person but then at least it was easy for the follower to re-follow. After some time though some of them pop into the follower list again, at the same place as they where before they disappeared, seemingly without them doing anything. I have no idea what’s up with that.

But it was with a sullen mood that I fired up the stream today (streamed early since we’re off to a party this evening). No of the persons I usually play with have been online in days so silently I sighed to myself as I started the Battle.net launcher to boot up Diablo 3, wondering if I wasn’t better off just playing something else. About 2 hours into the stream I got a random host from GamingCreations for 75 (!) viewers. She had seen that I was playing hardcore as well and wanted to spread some HC-players love by hosting my channel and help me along. For the next 1½ hours the new followers kept trickling in and by the time it was time to log off I had gotten a whopping 36 followers, pushing me over a hundred.

I’m very excited for all the new faces and I hope that many choose to stay, even if I am guessing that I will loose quite a few of them over time. I’m also quite overwhelmed, 75 viewers was even more then the total of followers that I had when I got hosted and for a while my channel was alive with the buzz of a big amount of people gathered in the same space. The mass slowly dissolved but my viewer count still showed 20 watchers for a long time. And going over a 100 followers like that? Consistency is king, like T told me when I hit my first 10 followers. It might be a bit premature, but we’re heading out to a restaurant in town to celebrate my 100+ followers.

I’d like to do something special for all my new followers, like a giveaway, an extra long stream or something similar. But I don’t have any ideas on what would be suitable..

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