I have fluffy guardian angels (also known as my cats)

When this stern lady (she’s 10 years so she’s getting close to retirement age) decides that it’s time for cuddles, she cuddles whether I like it or not. I have absolutely no say in this 😛 Over the years though she has learned that she gets the most cuddles from me if she lays down on my arm, or in the space between the keyboard and me, which of course is the most optimal thing if I’m playing something. Then I can give her them scritches whenever I have a moment were my hands doesn’t have to be glued to the keyboard.

She usually comes for cuddles when I’m getting ready for bed, waiting for me to lay down so she can climb up on my hip and lay on me until I fall asleep. But she often picks up on my mood during the day and comes to me when I’m in front of my computer as well. She usually shies away from being picked up or petted when she doesn’t want to, but when she notices that I’m not feeling well, she lets me pet her as much as I want.

Not to say that my other cat doesn’t care at all but she’s more aloof and silly. She demands cuddles as well but not at all in the same way and there’s no sating her thirst for attention once she has set her heart on being noticed. Regardless, they are my little fur angels ^.^

2015 Onyx/Zeras
From 2015, a rare moment when they actually chilled close to each other

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