No need for a long ass post this time around ^.^

In the end of the Long ass post I predicted that I would find myself in similar situations given some time. Today I did just that, but this time it went much smoother. It was probably partly due to them being Swedes as well (and thus we spoke the same native language) but also because I bore in mind that I should be very clear with what I was aiming to do so there’s no room for misunderstandings.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people roam Twitch looking for someone to power level or boost them in the game they’d like to get help in. This was the case with a guy who came into my chat and asked to be boosted. I do this in exchange for a follow, which never is a problem, he had even followed me before he asked for help. Short after we had started a friend of his joined, also looking to get a hand. I didn’t mind as I was boosting one already, another one doesn’t make that much of a difference for me and I had both of them in my chat on Twitch. Also, I felt they respected that I took from my time to help them. They both communicated with me and asked for my advice as at least one of them where very new to the game.

As the duo had gotten some gear and levels I asked if they wanted help with anything else and got a “No, I need to fix with my gear now” from the first one. Being very careful with my words I replied “Alright, I’ll jump to my own game so I can kick up the torment level. But feel free to join me once you’re done though!”. I got thanks from both and went on to my own game. 30-ish minutes later I was indeed joined by both of them and soon a third from their guild joined up as well. Once it was time for me to actually log off I chose my words with care this time as well, even if that never was an issue from the 19th.

I’m happy with myself and I hope this sets the standard for my interaction with my viewers. It felt respectful and it was fun to run with them, even if I felt quite nervous they would die on me (we played hardcore) more then once.

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