Update on the tattoo being removed

I’m on my fourth day since the laser treatment on my tattoo and even though it stopped bleeding within the 30 first minutes, the pain is still very much alive. This was expected though, it behaves exactly like it did the last time I had this treatment. But what I didn’t remember was just how bad it actually hurts during/afterwards and how much the pain exhausted me. As humans we have that mechanism to repress stuff to protect ourselves from reliving periods with intense feelings or pain, be it physically or psychologically.

The technician has advised me to just let the treated area be and only apply moisturiser in case it hurts, burns or stings as a pain relief and I’ve followed her advice to the letter. With the first day excluded I only had to apply moisturiser twice: last night before I headed to bed and just recently. While it does still hurts the most overwhelming feeling is that of skin tightness. It feels like if I turn my head to quickly or stretch the skin too much the wound will open again.

But I remember using a salve that helped heal the eschar, or at least soften it and relieve the surrounding area somewhat, just after my operation. It’s a over-the-counter wound healing thing that I’ve kept at home to help heal other, hard to heal wounds. You know like at fall/winter the skin at the corner of the mouth or around the nose often breaks. Those wounds take forever to heal since you always open your mouth just a little too wide when eating or needing to blow your nose for the thousandth time that day. It’s worked wonders before, I hope it will help this time too.

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