My custom dice jail


Ever since I learned about the dice jail (to the left) I’ve wanted one. You can buy it off Etsy but the shipping to Sweden was more then the actual product so I’ve held off on buying anything but it saddened me since I fell in love with the little trinket. Occasionally I’ve talked about this funny thing as everyone who has ever played any kind of RPG knows that the dices sometimes needs to be shamed when they are naughty and only rolls misses. The Pathfinder group met on Friday and they asked if I had bought the dice jail yet and I told them it was much too expensive with the shipping fee being so high. I get a couple of “Aaww” and sympathetic nodding “Mmm” and I thought nothing more of it.

My DM though, who are quite handy and have access to both power tools and material, thought that it couldn’t take that much effort or money to throw together something like this. He went and bought a few flower sticks for the bars and used some throw away pieces of wood that he happened to have laying around. He then went to work with saw, drill, sandpaper and glue. When we gathered yesterday again (we played two days in a row) he handed me the small wooden cage and said it was a little gift. I was overjoyed when I realized what it was and had a hard time to stop grinning like a fool during the whole RPG session. Me scolding the dices and threatening them with the jail drew almost as many laughs as when I actually put the naughty dices in there.

My DM also had some black spray paint in his tool cabinet and offered to put down a base layer of paint on it so I had something to work from. I happily accepted this as I have nothing of the sort at home. So, I’m planning to buy a silver pen (for the bars) and then I’ll design a small sign that will go across the bars stating “DICE JAIL”, just like on the model. The group also suggested writing something like “Naughty dices are being punished here” or “Ignoble, disobedient pieces of plastic rests in this garden of shame” in latin on the rim of the top and bottom.

I never knew two planks and a couple of cut off flower sticks could make me so happy 。^‿^。

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