Reflecting upon the blog

When I started this blog my main goal with it was to document my progress towards become a fully fledged streamer. Since then I’ve documented far more then I originally decided to, but I didn’t think twice about it since I felt it gave a little more flavor to the blog. I mean, I’m a person behind the words like everyone else.

I also set out to produce 1 post each day, kept for off days, but that have also been adjusted. It started to feel forced and I didn’t want that. I produce a post whenever I feel I have something to write about, not just because I haven’t posted anything on that specific day.

But I’m happy with where I am with the blog right now. I know that friends that are curious about whatever I’m up to visits from time to time, but I’ve also seen visitors from all around the world which is most exciting to be honest. If there’s something special that you wish to read more about, leave me a comment!

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