Music is weird. It means so much to me that I draw some of my strength from it and I feel anxious if I can’t listen to it for an extended period of time. Some days I suffer if I can’t listen to it for a couple of hours but mostly I suffer if I can’t listen to it across a couple of days. I always carry a set of earbuds when I leave the house, regardless of what I set out to do and most of the time there’s music in them. Music have always made it easier for me to cope with whatever I had on my hands at the moment. Looking back I realize I liked to listen to music in headphones because it drowned out everything else around me. Screaming little brother? Someone yelling some drunken gibberish in the living room? Mother fighting with someone in the other room? It all went away.

Even from a young age I listened to a broad spectrum of music, I loved both hair metal bands and disco-queens. I would very much say it was because of my mother liking 80’s disco/pop and dad preferring hard rock/heavy metal. I don’t really care for labeling the music, a good song is a good song  regardless of who wrote it and who sang it. I believe every artist has at least one song I will like and most of the time I do find something I like with each and every artist I listens to. Which also is why I have a little bit of everything in my big fat archive list. But it’s true, in my starred list on Spotify the selection is a bit more limited, but at late as yesterday I actually found a song made by David Guetta and Justin Bieber that I enjoyed. Guetta I knew I liked but it’s a first for Bieber (I was in the generation that grew up with Backstreet Boys and NSYNC). But I did eventually find genre that I fell into for a very long time and that was hard rock and heavy metal, just like my dad. I still mostly listen to this genre but I don’t mind switching in something completely different be it Aqua, Mozart or Stiftelsen (Swe).

This is also weird. I set out to write about my new profile picture that I got from the digital artist yesterday. I got FFVI – Terra’s Theme in my headphones and was carried away with the memories. One song led to another and here I’m sitting listening to music I listened to around 1999-2001. I don’t know if it’s unusual to feel so strongly about music as I do, I guess most have their moments but I relive strong emotional moments like they happened yesterday if I let myself be carried away. Listening to “our” song and the song we got married to still brings me to tears, even if it was 16 respectively 10 years ago.

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