First him, now me

With some tender care T are on the mend. Slowly, a little each day, his symptoms have faded and even though he still coughs and sniffles a bit – he’s starting to resemble himself again. He doesn’t need as much tea or honey and he has started to eat with his usual appetite again. I’m relieved as always when he’s starting to recover and the worry in my heart melts away.

Unsurprisingly though, I’ve caught whatever T have had. Two days ago I started to feel the soreness in my throat and even if I still haven’t developed a cough like T has, I felt really bad yesterday. I had a fever, fever chills, stuffed nose and pain in most parts of my body, but particularity the lower part of my back. On top of that I also woke up with a unusually strong headache that later developed into an extremely painful migraine. The pain from the migraine struck me so hard I felt nauseous and almost threw up. I had to retire for the night before 19.00 (7 pm) and laid in the darkened room by myself, crying from the pain caused by just breathing.

This was caused (or so I think) by me going grocery shopping in the very beginning of the attack. Since we both had been home for a few days the need for fresh groceries was big. My choices were limited, either wait and hope that I would feel better today or go shopping with the migraine (asking T was out of the question, he still hadn’t recovered enough). Both options were bad but in the end I went yesterday despite the pain. It was stupid, I know, and the pain was so intense I thought I was about to pass out in the dairy section.

When I came home though, I fell to pieces in T’s arms and cried. He quickly unpacked the groceries and made sure I took my migraine strength painkillers and Zomig (nasal spray). He scolded me for not telling him how how much the pain had advanced before leaving for the store and then promptly made me go to bed. I was up for a few minutes some time later but the pain was still so strong I chose to go back to bed. About 3½ hours later I finally fell asleep.

The migraine are still there in the back of my head, I can feel it murmuring. I will probably need to go back to bed at some point during the day, long before my regular bedtime. I’m still tired, despite sleeping 14 hours. My throat is sore and I still have a fever. Here’s to hoping that it won’t be as bad as yesterday.

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