On the mend

Compared to T, I’ve been recovering much quicker then he did. But I never got the cough he had, I have been coughing a little bit but it’s nothing compared to T’s. But, instead I got a killer two day migraine. I’ve had a high fever for about three days but that steadily declined over the days. Although I have nothing against taking painkillers to lower a fever that’s running too high, I usually try to avoid the painkillers as long as possible. I prefer to let the fever run it’s course and only intervene when it goes 2 points (Celsius) over my regular body temperature. I normally have 36.5C (97.7F) so when I reach 38.5C (101.3F) I start popping painkillers as I usually suffer by this point, but this time I only needed painkillers to counter the migraine. The soreness in my throat is also quickly dispersing even if my voice still can’t handle 4 hours of constant talking. The thing I notice most clearly now are the stuffed nose, but that’s usually the last thing that goes away for me.

Even if I’ve felt uncomfortable missing so many streams as I have, I have taken to heart what one of my regular viewers pointed out. My health is important and I shouldn’t risk it or feel pressured to stream if I’ve gotten sick. A good friend of mine said the same thing when I was battling the month long migraine attack. Both ended up saying the same thing, my friend more or less scolded me for streaming with a slight migraine. The viewer was less harsh, but the message was still the same. Don’t write off your own health and keep it at a level that you can handle. So for past days I’ve been streaming two very short sessions to test out how well my voice handles the talking. I didn’t last long and had to take the stream down after 20 minutes yesterday and 1 hour today as I felt the strain almost instantly.

Instead I will stay silent and rest this evening. I’m off to a chocolate, liquorice and delicacy festival in Gothenburg tomorrow and I would like to be as rested as I possibly can. But since I haven’t had a fever since yesterday evening I think it’s safe to go, eat chocolate and delicacies ’til I drop, try out some exotic booze and relax in the good company of my friends that’s also going. But not to worry, we have a designated driver and this time it isn’t me!

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