(Don’t Fear) The Unfollow

I recently came across an interesting article about not fearing unfollows. It’s from 2015, but it still had great value to me because I’ve stepped the exact mindset they describe a number of times. When I see that I’ve lost a follower or two I always feel discouraged and wonder what I did wrong, if I could have done something different, if I wasn’t funny or interesting enough to keep their interest or something along those lines. The big error I, and probably many others, do is to take it personally. There are only one occasion that I know of, for sure, that the person left because of something I did.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles since April when I began streaming and while many differ in their tips and opinions on best practises, the one thing everyone agrees on is being persistent and consistent. I somewhat knew about the consistent part even before I began but it have also become abundantly clear that being persistent is at least as important as being consistent. But it is hard, of course it is. When you’re on your fourth day without any interaction with chat and your viewer count seem to have frozen on 0 or 1, you start wondering if it something wrong with you personally as you refresh the page for the 27th time this stream (even though the stats on the dashboard refreshes itself automatically). But then there it is, the thing that breaks the dry spell and keeps you from giving up. Just like they say in the article, as long as you have your core audience with you, just keep doing what you do.

But then there’s that one individual that I’m both sad and puzzled about. The person was one of the first ones that followed me and soon also put me on auto-host. Their channel was always the bigger one but that didn’t seem to matter. But recently the person both unfollowed and stopped hosting me. We hadn’t spoken for a while but I didn’t think that was a problem. I guess I can send a whisper and ask why this is, but at the same time.. it doesn’t feel right. Instead I’m trying to be grateful for the time they chose to follow and host me, it helped me out a lot in the very beginning.

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