Sleep experiment

I’ve often said that I’m tired all the time, and sadly, that’s still true. Yesterday though, I needed to get up early to go to the lab and have some blood samples taken in the very beginning of my day. Nowadays I usually don’t get up before 11 AM if I can help it so I was not keen on getting up before 8 AM to get to the lab on time. But I usually don’t make a fuss when the orders come from my doctor. Like I’ve said before, I’ve had her for a long time so I trust her judgement and if she wants blood samples, she’ll get blood samples. But I got sidetracked. I was up at 7.45 AM yesterday and I was tired, so tired. The blood was to be drawn on an empty stomach so that didn’t help either. But in the long run, through the day and after I’ve gotten breakfast, it felt just like when I sleep in.

I was intrigued by this. So yesterday evening I set the clock on the same time to test this out. It was though to get out of bed when I didn’t have anything to get up to but eventually, 30 minutes or so of slowly waking up with a purring cat beside me, I got up. I had my breakfast, answered a few messages on Facebook, got in the shower and started on my project for the day. All before 10.30 AM. It’s going to be interesting to see how it feels tonight and if I will get up at the same time tomorrow. It’s maybe even more interesting to test this out since I’m supposed to go somewhere in the evening today. It’s something positive and exciting but it will be tiring, of that I have no doubt.

But I better hurry, my favorite lunch place are serving one of my favorite dishes, poached cod with egg sauce and potatoes. I know, I know, it’s sounds weird but my taste buds do a little dance of joy each time I have egg sauce.

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