My first session as a fully fledged GM

Today was the big day, the day I officially became a GM for a player group that wasn’t just made up of my husband and some occasional addition. I was quite nervous yesterday, like I wrote, but I almost didn’t feel nervous at all during the morning hours. Soon enough the doorbell rang and my players arrived. They bantered between themselves and a few had some questions regarding skill changes and adjustment that they wanted to do before we began.

We played for a total of 3,5 hours. I knew that I couldn’t have planned for everything that happened but they did so much more then I had originally thought up things for. A lot of the things I had planned for though, extra names for characters and whatnot, was extremely useful. We had a few snags in the story where I thought I could have done a better job, but once we wrapped up I got complements on how fun it was to play and how well I handled the situations. But I did ask T to be candid with me once everyone had left and he gave me a handful of tips on things he had noticed that I could work on. But overall he thought I had handled it well considering this is the first time I GM for a group of this size.

Now I only have my stream left to do for today. I’ll keep on playing Stardew Valley, I have both Dishonored 2 and the new South Park game to play, but I want to play both on stream and I already have two games going there so I need to finish something up up before I start anything new. But we’ll see how tired I feel tomorrow. I’m prepared for completely wrung out like earlier in the week, but I’m hoping it wont be that bad.

The song of today and yesterday. It’s so good! I can’t stop listening to it 💖


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