My mind is all over the place

As per usual I can’t really decide on what I want the blog to look like. I love outlandish fonts that’s grand and in-your-face on my personal sites but I also hate having to read other’s sites that are cast in that template. So I lean towards something clean and easy on the eye and high contrast since I tend to post quite long posts (no matter my mood). I keep going back to black though, so that will be my base background color and orange/red for my accent color. I know it’s stereotypical 1A, but black really are my favorite color and it reflects my mind better then any bright or eye-stabbing color would. If I could have my way to a 100% the link color would be a dark red (it’s dark orange now) but since I haven’t paid for the blog it seems my hands are somewhat tied at the moment. But it was like this when I started my other blog as well so I’m not really surprised.

Earlier today I met with one of “my” students. It’s a friend of mine that have asked me to help her to finish a course she took a couple of years ago but never completed. She had four assignments that she needed to do but had a hard time pushing on by herself. We’re making good progress as today marked the half way point to the finish line. She have handed in two assignments and have two left. I’ve acted mentor to several through the years, a few years back I also got paid to help special needs students with taking notes and such for classes we happened to take together. I’ve been a part of two thesis being written and have had my hands in several smaller essays over the years. I really enjoy doing this kind of work though, I get a sense of fulfilment when I see how happy and proud they become when they reach the goals we put up together.

But I was really supposed to read in my Mage books so I can come up with another session for my players. We’re meeting fairly soon again despite agreeing that we should gather biweekly the very first time we met. But my mind feel scattered and I’m having a hard time focusing. I also have a hard time to sit down calmly, I know where this comes from but I don’t feel the usual surge of anxiety.. which in itself are somewhat worrying. But it does indeed look like I’m heading into a period with rapid cycling. It’s probably caused by our move getting closer and closer. I have so much in my head it’s a miracle I remember to do anything at all these days.

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