Mystery solved

Begrudgingly I went to the lab today. At the front desk I presented the letter I had gotten and said that I had no clue who this person was or why I was supposed to take this mystery test. The woman behind the counter furrowed her forehead and read the letter twice before checking the computer. Not knowing if it was for any appointment meant trouble for the her as well as she couldn’t decide if I was to pay for the tests or if it was included in an appointment (and thus was for “free”). But when making a search on my social security number she couldn’t find anything at all from anyone.

You see, I’ve paid so much for my healthcare this year already that I’m a holder of the  Swedish “frikort” or “högkostnadsskydd” (strictly translated to “free card” or “high-cost protection”). The card means that I’ve paid a certain amount (1100 SEK = 113 EUR or 133 USD) from my own pocket for my healthcare and once you pass the threshold of it you don’t have to pay for your medical stuff any more that year.

In the end she was able to interpret the signature and could check the notes from the nurses where she finally found some answers. The letter had been sent from the clinic that handles diabetes and specifically from the new nurse who had been assigned my case. I hinted at my annoyance at the lack of presentation and explanation in the letter to the woman behind the desk, she sighed at said this wasn’t the first time this had happened. It made me feel both relieved and uncomfortable at the same time.

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