Mood foods

Food is something that I constantly have to battle with. When everything is as it should, I have little to no problems eating whatever comes my way. Even things that I’m not that fond of can be eaten as a courtesy thing. Especially if, lets say my mother-in-law or a friend, have spent all day cooking and I don’t want to hurt their feelings by skipping whatever they’ve served me.

But once my mood start to take a nose dive, so does my preferences in food. I’ve never been fond of sea food so that’s a pretty big no regardless, but things I usually have no problems with, and even like, such as minced meat, ham and sausages all become disgusting in both taste and texture. I’ve tried to force myself to have whatever it is that I’m disgusted by in hopes that it will go away on it’s own, but usually it only makes things worse. Eventually it does go away though, but it’s tightly connected to my current mood and if I’m depressed I might just stop eating meat all together until the feelings of disgust eases.

Strangely I start leaning towards food that are round, yellow or white. Most liquids are fine regardless of color. Cheese is excellent, both yellow/white and often round. Bananas are also awesome, especially if you cut them so they become banana coins. Potatoes are good whenever I need to eat something a little more filling, but usually I don’t have the patience to buy, cook and peel them. Most everything with semolina seeds are also something that works. But at some of my very worst points though, even the texture of semolina seeds made me nauseous.

In the beginning I thought I was extra insane, I’d never heard of such a thing as selective food preferences based on your mood. But I’ve learned that I’m not alone in this. Several I’ve spoken to describe the same issues. It’s not really something you talk about though, that your appetite and preferences change is something that most deem strange.

Right now though? I’m in some strange kind of middle ground. I can eat somewhat normally but have noticed that meat sauce, ham, meat balls and other meat products have started to taste strange. I try to avoid those foods and eat whatever tastes good that isn’t ultra loaded with sugar. Candy always goes down.. but I would prefer not having to amputate a foot because my diabetes got out of control.

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