Who is it that makes or breaks someone’s success?

One of the more frequent tips for new streamers (or internet anythings even) is to be persistent. Even if you do have a winning concept and the most interesting idea ever, it will take time to find, connect and build something with your viewers. I’ve known this from the very start, that whatever I do, I need to be persistent and consistent if I’ll ever get something going.

Because of this I often disable the stat window on my dashboard when streaming. It helps me talk more consistently about everything and nothing and also helps me to not stare myself blind on how many watchers, followers or subscribers I have at any given moment. And it have worked pretty well to be honest.

I’m still a bit confounded that I have gotten as many followers as I have (113 at the time of writing this) but maybe even more confused over the fact that I have recurring subs and bits thrown at me. This what I wanted, no question about it, but somewhere in the back of my mind I still wonder why anyone would freely subscribe or otherwise give me their time of day. If you’re any of these people, thank you so much for your support!

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