I’m bipolar

Alright, alright the title might have given it away but let’s get this skeleton out of the closet. I’m bipolar. There, it’s said.

I’ve had another blog for a few days where I’ve tried out just blogging about that side of me. But it doesn’t feel right to promote mental health with the charity event* that’s upcoming and not be honest with who I am. I’ve therefore moved all the posts I made over there to here instead.

I’m sorry if it’s gotten a bit messy but I needed to figure out how I wanted this.

I’ve had the diagnose roughly 10 years but my first manic episode can be traced back to when I was 15 (18 years ago). My depressive episodes started much earlier then that though. I’m more prone to the depressions anyway so those are the ones that you will most often see. I do my best to handle my mood, wherever it may land.

It’s a roller-coaster, I’ll say it like it is and not suger coat it, but I live a fulfilling life nonetheless. With the experiences that I’ve gotten on this ride, I nowadays hold lectures for medical personell, nurse-students and fellow patients on how it is to live with such a disorder. And I do it because I hate the stigma around living with these kind of things.

I’m a bit scared of admitting it though, it’s the internet after all. But the chances are that it will go by unnoticed, like so much else. But while my bipolarity is a part of me, it isn’t the whole picture. You are never just one thing. I’m a wife, a gamer, a daughter, a sister, someone who cares a little too much sometimes, someone with a University degree, a GM, a crazy cat lady.. the list goes on.

If you have questions, think of me as a lecturer and ask them, I’ll gladly answer it if I can.

*The charity event

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