Being hosted & Friday plans

I’m still adjusting the small details of the blog design. I’m sorry if it’s annoying or frustrating to come back to something new again. If it’s any consolation, it’s very frustrating for me too. Back in April I also wrote about the many changes of the blog design and how it somewhat had gotten out of control. But as my taste in music and food change with my mood, so does what looks and feels good. There will be future changes, it’s just how it’s gonna be.


It was a slow streaming day yesterday, but I didn’t really mind since I’ve gotten four new followers during some of my recent streams. But to my great surprise I was hosted by five different channels at the same time yesterday. Hosting means that you lend your channel to a person of your choice and broadcasts whatever they stream, you do this to help other channels grow, to get your viewers something or someone new to watch/follow and so on. Three of these are people I’ve played Diablo 3 with, but two of them are people I’ve never even said Hi to (due to never have played with them, been in their stream or seen them in mine). But I’m always grateful when someone chooses to host me and I do my best to return the favour. I seldom have my bot up and running when I’m not streaming myself so all of these have gotten onto my auto-host list so I lend my channel to theirs automatically if I’m not live myself.

We were supposed to to play a table top RPG today but as our Pathfinder GM cancelled yesterday I suddenly find myself with some extra time on my hands. But it’s another week before it’s time for my Mage group to gather so I think I’ll just put some extra time into reading up on some rules and adventures tonight. The stream is as per usual going off in about an hour as I always stream early on Fridays. But strangely I seem to be hitting the target group for Stardew Valley much better when I stream early.. 🤔

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