Cholesterol and statins

It’s been another one of those anger days. If I had to pinpoint the reason I would guess it’s because of the news I got on Friday last week. The mystery tests that I was ordered to take was one of those once a year deals where they check every vital they can think of and hands it off to your house doctor to sum up and return to you.

Among the weight, height and blood pressure was tests for my blood sugar and cholesterol. Both the pressure and sugar was excellent which was a relief to hear, I’ve had problems with both for many years. But the last one, my cholesterol, was bad. Don’t ask me how bad, I didn’t understand the numbers the nurse presented me with in the letter and since she refuse to call or give me an appointment, I haven’t had the chance to ask her myself.

But this person, who I’ve never met and only gotten letters from, wanted to put me on a statin, Atorvastatin to be precise. Now, I’ve taken Simvastatin before but had to phase it out because I got so nauseous on it. If the nurse know this or not, I have no clue about.  This behaviour annoyed me as it felt quite sketchy to inform a patient of such a change through a letter.

At the end of the letter though she had written “It would be good if you could reduce cholesterol heavy food”. One single sentence. And this is what’s causing me so much grief. It’s made me feel very bad about myself. I know that wasn’t the purpose, but that’s still the effect it had.

I moped about for a day or two before I went to the pharmacy and made a withdrawal on my prescription. I might as well give this one a try, maybe this brand will work better. I also read a lot of articles on what food you should eat to reduce your cholesterol. Most of them are things I don’t usually eat or choose. But as a general first step most seem to agree that introducing lots of veggies and fruit to your diet is very good first step to take.

As someone who has issues with food already, this is very hard for me. I never learned what was considered “a good diet” from home, I was lucky if we had fish sticks or frozen meatballs and macaroni or instant mashed potatoes. We never had veggies, unless you count ketchup and salt.

I’ll get on top of this too, I’m sure of it. It’s just.. right now? I’m sensitive to changes and gets stressed out when I have to venture into unknown lands.

Ps. I can’t for the life of me spell the Swedish “Kolesterol” but I haven’t once spelled it wrong in English 😏

Update: I’ve cleaned the apartment, taken a shower and eaten. I’m almost falling asleep but it feels so much better ^.^

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