Update from a busy bee

It’s been a few days since I wrote something, I’ve had a lot to do. It’s just now calming down and I’m enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet before it’s time for the next, but last, occasion this weekend that requires our attendance.

It began with the charity event on Thursday and the leveling of a new character in Diablo 3. I managed to get to my first goal but was a bit discouraged as I streamed for a total of twelve and a half hour without having any interaction from anyone – at all. But it was somewhat expected since Diablo 3 never see so many viewers as it does when a new season comes live. I was not alone in streaming the game.

My day was completely reversed since I got to bed around 6.30 (AM) after having successfully reached level 70 with my monk. Even though I really wanted to sleep my full 9 hours, I chose to only sleep for 6 hours and then get going again. I was joined by T both on Thursday and Friday, but I was much too tired to pull another all nighter and only stayed up as long as T did on Friday.

Which leaves us on today. Today it was time for my Mage group to gather for another RPG-session. I hadn’t had much time to plan for it but I still had some of the plans that I laid down in the very beginning and the group kind of ended in the middle of something, so I hoped that would carry us through for another session. Luckily it did and we’re now through the intro completely. I have much I need to plan for and a lot of loose threads that I want to weave into the story again.

The last thing for today is dinner at my mother-in-law’s. It’s kind of rare that she invites us like this, but it’s probably because T recently had his birthday and neither of us had any time to get together. I’m sure it’ll be fine, it’s something informal at least and for that I’m very grateful. I’m really tired from these intense three days and I would love to just skip everything and go to bed.

I will still stream the last session for the charity event tomorrow, but I’m gonna try to get started early so I can do another 12 hours without having to be up all night. I’m a bit worried how I’m gonna be affected when messing around with my sleep like this, last time I did it was when the necromancer was released and that took a while to recover from. If I get the same effect this time I think I’ll better skip events like these, or at least don’t mess around with my sleep as much around them.

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