Snow -_-

It’s been snowing today. Very exotic for some. A nuisance for others. I’ve grown up with long winters and are quite used to them to be honest, but I don’t like them the least so it’s a nuisance for me. Many of my countrymen get childishly happy at the first sight of snow but after a few weeks or so, most have adopted my grumpy state of mind.

Early afternoon in the neighboring city

We were away on a table top RPG session today and had to drive through the snow to get there. It had been snowing all morning but luckily we have had the winter tires put on half a week ago so there were no problems getting around with the car. The snow was barely covering the ground in the neighboring town but in our hometown we’ve got roughly 2 centimeters (0.8 inch) of snow.

I really, really dislike the snow. So much that I might even say that I hate it. I’m not alone in this, several from my family feel the same as well as many from Sweden in general. The one I resonate most with is my uncle who have moved to Nice in France to escape the long winter months. I have a standing invitation to visit them in Nice if I want to escape the darkness, snow and cold. We have about 7-8 hours of daylight at this time of year so around now I’m starting to long for the bright sunshine and +27C (80F) they have there.. My dad doesn’t hate the snow, but he definitely does not love it either. T mostly sighs at the sight of it as the Swedish Railways (SJ) usually stops working completely at the first sight of snow. This is the main reason as to why we’ve bought an apartment in the neighbouring city to begin with.

But if I know my southern winters right, we will have a huge downfall of snow soon and it will last a week or two. After that it will all melt away, we will be having temperatures around +10C (50F) until mid January and then we will have winter weather until April. I would, of course, prefer no winter at all but 2-3 months are far better then 8-9 months, which is quite usual from my childhood regions. After all, I’ve had snow on my birthday twice. My birthday is 15th of June.

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