What you see isn’t always what you get


Yesterday we were contacted by a man who owns a moving company. He was the first one to respond to the ad I’ve put out and he insisted on coming on a home visit before he gave out an offer on how much it would cost to hire him to move all our things. I didn’t like that he insisted on visiting us at home, I very much dislike to have anyone in my home kept for myself, T and the cats. But I went along with it since he seemed genuine on the phone and we set it to a time when I knew T would also be at home.

Much to my discomfort the man went through all our stuff, poking and prodding in every cabinet and wardrobe to see how much it really was that needed to be moved. I gave T a look of dismay but was calmed by his aura, he was in control of the situation even though we had a stranger looking in everywhere. At one point though the man spoke to me in a very degrading manner and this did not win him any favors from any of us. But as that was the only hiccup we let it slide.

At the end of this skin crawling experience he sat down at our table, made some calculations and gave us a price. Since he was the first one to have responded to our ad we had nothing to compare his price to, even if it did sound fair. He asked us “Does this seem okay?”, to which I answered “Yes”. He then threw his hand forward and wanted to shake on it to seal the deal. At this point T cut in and said “Your price sounds fair and you seem a honourable man, but we want to compare with other companies before we make the decision”.

The reaction we got from him was not something we expected, especially considering that he had seemed so agreeable until that very point. Instead of honoring our wish to compare him with other companies and give us a couple of days he got incredible defensive and huffy, started yapping with T about the details and tried to pressure us into a decision right away. The anxiety hit me like a sledgehammer and rendered me more or less unable to speak.

When he understood T would stand his ground and not agree upon anything right away he got in such a hurry to get out from our apartment that he almost didn’t get his shoes on the right way. He gave short “Hum” answers and shut our front door in the middle of me saying we’ll be in contact with him on Friday. After he had left I had to go an take some seriously heavy duty anti-anxiety meds just to be able to get back to normal breathing. I don’t think we’ll be hiring this company..

But today a second company answered on the ad and they seem much more agreeable. No degrading talk, no need to visit us at home and even if I didn’t get an exact price I got an estimate based on their hourly rate and what I could describe about what needed to be moved.

I did the test with him too, said that we’re in contact with other companies as well, to check his reaction. He thought it was a given that I’m comparing him with his competitors and did not expect an answer right away. I asked if it would be alright if I would be in contact with him on Friday and he said that would be fine. He would keep our desired date to move free until the end of the week, no problems.

Talk about night and day. Tomorrow will be the last day that anyone can answer the ad. After that we’ll make our decision so I can contact whoever we choose. There might be someone else that will contact us that we will want to choose but I already think who I will not go with.

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