The decision has been made

For a couple of days now I’ve had that heavy feeling across my chest, like I got a boulder on top of me that makes it hard to breathe. I can feel my pulse beating hard and my hands are ever so slightly trembling. I’m paler then usual and I want to take a deep breath, but it feels like I can’t get enough air into my lungs. It’s the anxiety of course, so it’s not really something new. But it’s not always this strong though and when it is, it’s hard not to take notice of it.

It began around last Tuesday, the 21st, when I started many of the processes that are time sensitive for our upcoming move. It gained much strength from the incident on Wednesday, the 22nd, when we were contacted by the first moving company that was interested in the job. Thursday came and went,

But, on Friday as we had promised, I made a call to each and every company that had answered our ad. We got a total of five companies contacting us, but only three of them could meet our needs. We ended up going with the third company, a rather large firm that have offices all over Sweden. They matched the price of the runner up but could offer a huge advantage: a flexible date.

As I’ve explained before, we’re still not 100% sure which day we will be able to move, we only have an estimate. When I mentioned this to the saleswoman she said: “Oh, but that’s not a problem, we’ll just set you up with a flexible date. All you need to do is contact us 3 weeks before you wish to move and we’ll take care of the rest!”. I was like, what? How many tens of thousands will that cost us? The answer: None, it’s included in the price.

My exact reaction to the saleswoman. I hope I manage to convey it over the phone

I’m hoping my anxiety will calm down now that the decision is made. The only thing I got left now that is causing me some discomfort is to talk to the landlord about our wallpapers. Our cats have clawed at the walls (even though they have several scratching posts in different heights and sizes) and so the wallpapers.. could have been better. We have been living here for 10 years but I have this gnawing feeling that they will not be happy about the state of the walls in some of the rooms. But maybe I can come to some agreement with them as we are planning on leaving our (working) washing machine to the next tenant.

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