Old traditions, new traditions

Yesterday it was time for our friends annual Christmas party. It always falls on the same night, the last Saturday before Christmas Eve. The friends in question brews their own mulled wine and serves it heated up to all their guests.

It’s a welcome occasion as they decorate their house with a mountain of Santa’s and lights (we are in the darkest time of year now with roughly 6 hours of daylight). They also make a huge amount of home made candies for everyone to enjoy along side with dried fruit, clementines and apples. It’s usually a very nice and enjoyable evening and this year was no exception.

But knowing some of the guests I had prepared myself for the comments on T’s new haircut. We had discussed the possible reactions from our friends and we both tried to visualize what and how we would respond if someone felt the need for a saucy comment. And we wasn’t wrong. For some reason many seem to think this was my doing, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I quickly set the record straight, if I would have gotten my way his long hair wouldn’t be wrapped in silk paper, ready to be sent to the highest bidder.

But most reacted in a positive way after the initial chock had settled, even if there where a fair amount of chocked gasps. We are both understandably tired today. It got late before we went home, way past midnight. But this only happens once a year so it’s worth it.

We have been unsure about what would happen for Christmas this year, but T’s uncle called today so everything is in order. I will make the traditional dish Janssons Frestelse for the second year in a row. We (me and T) haven’t usually needed to bring something to the dinner table but since family constellations have shifted and changed (due to deaths and divorces) this highly enjoyed dish stood without a cook last year.

I personally don’t care for this anchovy casserole but I was asked to make a contribution and accepted the responsibility after a moment of hesitation. I got a lot of compliments for it last year and this year I get to make it by popular demand.

The dish itself isn’t that hard to assemble, it has only a few ingredients but what’s troublesome is that it takes a lot of time to make in the oven. It needs to be attended often to not burn and still cook through the potatoes completely. But since it was so appreciated and liked, I don’t mind making it again.

But I was quite worried about it last year.. so much so that I actually went and asked a relative for her recipe, as I knew many have loved hers earlier years. I got armed with her secrets and it seems like I succeeded 🙂

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