The best to the best

I’ve been trying to write something coherent for days now but without any success. Its about what happened earlier this week when I had my very last session with Anders (more about that here and here). I wanted to say something since Anders have meant so much to me. Like I’ve written before, he has seen me through a lot of big things in life. He always felt genuine and warm, like he really cared.

He told me that he was fascinated because he felt like he had learned to much from me over the years. Coming from someone at the end of their career, someone who has studied and learnt so much about the human mind long before my existence was even contemplated, felt huge. But I didn’t cry this time. I had already worked through my emotions and caught up with my logic by this point. It did get a bit emotional in the end anyway, like always when you have to say good bye.

We ended that last session with a few laughs, that I honestly think he needed more then me, and then a big hug before I left his office. I will miss him but I hope retirement treats him well, if he have given all his patients the same kind of commitment he’s given me, he definitely deserve it!


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