Reigniting my love for cooking (?)

For some time now I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel, getting inspired to get my hands into cooking again. My very first year at the gymnasium I chose to get into the Hotel and Restaurant program, but my interest for computers was always bigger. I switched schools (and towns) and went on to study as a programmer, thinking that I must have been insane to try and become a chef.

Now, I know I won’t be the next Gordon Ramsay, but just by watching his videos I’ve felt that old spark ignite again. He has a certain, very positive energy when cooking himself and the love he has for his craft are hard to deny. Cooking is something I used to enjoy, whatever happened? For a long time I’ve felt like food was bothersome, a weight on my shoulders that I just didn’t want to have there.

I’ve looked into powder and liquid based food replacement but never really successfully stayed there for a longer period of time. I keep going back to solid food because of one simple reason: Good food are so very rewarding to eat. Me and T both love to try new things, especially when we’re travelling and really can immerse ourselves into a new  food culture.

I’ve already begun with cooking a bit more at home. I have a few selected ingredients in my kitchen for a few recipes that I know well and I plan on making them during the holidays. I’m thinking I can practise with something I know well before I move on to new, strange lands.

I know there will be hard work remastering this. It’s like playing a new game, you need to practise before you get good/remember how to play. But just a small thing like chopping the onions today for the Christmas dish I’m cooking was something I found enjoyable rather then tiresome.

My hopes are that I will remember my love for cooking, gain momentum and start cooking at home again. It would help immensely if I started to cook more, I would get better control over what ends up on my plate as I want to stop with pre-cooked or semi-finished meals.

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