Preparing for 2018’s colonoscopy

So I’m doing my yearly colonoscopy tomorrow. This happened rather quickly as I got this appointment because someone else did a late cancellation. Since I hadn’t gotten called to the colonoscopy before the year ended, I sent the usual prompt that it was time for me to get the examination on the first day of the year. The very next day I was contacted by a nurse that wondered if I was available on Thursday. Luckily I had nothing in my calendar and was able to come in on such short notice, but even if I had I would have moved it for this.

Like it isn’t bad enough that I have to go and check if I’ve got cell changes this year or not, it doesn’t make it easier on me when I have to push to get it done on time. But it’s not their fault that I have to prompt them. The ward, with it’s doctors and nurses, are doing everything they can with the resources that have been given to them. But they are still short of staff and therefore also short on times to book for their patients.

In the very best of worlds I would have been given at least a week to prepare myself. You need this amount of time to make sure that you get the colon as clean as it can be. Particularly fiber rich food, corn or seeds (in fruit/veggies and on bread for example) take time for the body to process and get rid of. But I wasn’t given that amount of time to prepare myself, I got the minimum time (2 days).

I quickly switched over to the list of approved food to eat when preparing for a colonoscopy and spent yesterday flinging from one side of the town to the other. I picked up the prescription for the laxatives and bought enough clear liquids to see me through the two laxative sessions I have face. Overall I will be forcing 10+ litres through the system over the course of 15 hours or so. That time span includes a few hours of sleep so around a liter per hour until we’re off to the hospital.

I’m always happy to have the examination done. It means I can eat normally again and hopefully nothing new will show up. But even as I stock up on my favorite liquids like soft drinks, juice, energy drinks and whatever else I can think off, it’s still sucks having to force drink like this. I’m somewhat lucky though. I’m prescribed Picoprep which is a laxative that I mix out with 150 ml of water and can down in two big gulps. Some of my relatives have to use Laxabon which is a laxative you mix out with 4 litres of water.. and I’m told it doesn’t taste especially well.

Oh well, I’ll stop blabbering about laxatives and tackle the 2 last litres for tonight. Tomorrow I’m up for another 5-6 litres in addition to having getting up at 03.00 (3 AM) to begin the second round of Picoprep😖😱

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