I won the battle today

It’s a little calmer in the old head today. It’s probably because I’m tired from yesterday lecture (which went well, I think), but also because it now feels like we’re getting somewhere with packing up the apartment. It’s still a month before it’s time but after today’s venture I’ve almost gotten everything from the living room into boxes.

I also had T sort through his clothes and decide what he wants to keep and what he wants to donate or throw away. We’re very careful only to donate clothes that are whole and clean so it doesn’t become a burden for the organization that we give it away to. While I had his attention I also asked him to empty out the really high cabinets that I can’t reach on my own. It gives me some peace of mind knowing we’re finished with those. But we still have a large amount of boxes and sacks that either needs to be thrown away or transported to said organization.

After a few weeks with this feeling of complete chaos it’s nice to finally feel a little bit more in control. I’m still quite tired and I allow myself to sleep longer in the morning. I’ve tried to stick to a maximum of 8-9 hours a night but as I’ve felt so.. weird I thought it would be alright to bend that rule a little.

I haven’t been contacted regarding the polyp issue yet. I know she said it would take 10-14 days before she gets the result, so that doesn’t mean that I was going to get the result after 10-14 days. Today marked the 11th day since the colonoscopy so I guess I’ll have to keep being patient. The doctor is either calling or sending me a letter. The first means she found something serious and needs to talk to me directly, the latter takes more time but is only used if they didn’t find anything harmful.

It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.

We should have had two RPG-sessions this weekend but because of sickness and other circumstances both have been cancelled, leaving this weekend completely empty (for me at least). Now that I’m done for the day and have streamed, cooked, packed, cleaned out the cat’s litter box, showered and brushed my teeth, it feels quite nice. Like I’ve gotten things done and won the battle for this day.

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