No dice!

I almost lost my mind today. I had just picked up T from the train station and we had gone to Sibylla (fast food joint) for something to eat. T’s phone has been acting real weird, it’s this old thing from before the dinosaurs went extinct, so it’s probably on it’s last breath. This lead us to talk about our economy and T, somewhat carelessly, said “I have no clue about our money any longer”.

This lead me to believe that he spoke generally, as in he had no clue about the loan we need to take or the amount that we need to pay in advance. That he hadn’t spoken to the bank about the bill that arrived two days ago didn’t help his case at all.

My mind and imagination quickly sprinted off and an feeling of intense unease flushed over me, making me feel sick to my stomach. “What do you mean ‘You have no clue’? You are the one who should have complete control over the economy” I said in the car, referring to the fact that he is the one who have arranged everything with the bank up to this point. I was close to crying when he just shrugged as an answer but I kept on asking him what he meant as I desperately wanted him to tell me it was all a mistake or a cruel joke.

Slowly it dawned upon him that we weren’t talking about the same thing, he was talking about the amount of money we will have left, after we have paid the advance. I was talking about the advance. But by now I was reeling and was an inch from a complete meltdown as we arrived home. T managed to get the upper hand in the situation and calmed me down by doing just what I had wished for; clarifying that it was all a mistake.

See, you almost won today as you revealed your ugly face Mr. Stress. But no dice!

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