Snow, so much snow

At times you see these enormous headlines in the Swedish news feed about huge amounts of snow that’s supposedly coming to drown us all. This time it was justified. We awoke with 50 cm (19.6 inch) newly fallen snow outside the window today 😨

Snö 2018
Not our town, but it looks the same outside our window. Photo: Mats Andersson / TT

I went out in the heavy snowfall yesterday to pick up T from the afterwork he attended and it was bad enough then. The ground quickly went white and it was hard to see the road as it became indistinguishable from the already snowy sides. We got home in one piece but driving in such a weather took much longer then usual. I was completely drained from having to focus so intensely for almost 2½ hours for a trip that usually takes ~1 hour there and home again.

We had decided that we would celebrate our anniversary (10 years as married, 16 years as a couple) today by going to our favorite restaurant. While we did get there eventually, we first spent 20 solid minutes shovelling snow off the car – literally. The roof of the car was covered in 30-ish cm (12 inch) of snow 😒 I keep a lightweight snow shovel in the car for situations like these.

Snö 2018-3
Not our car, but we faced a similar situation. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

This is where my upbringing shines, but I don’t know how many times I’ve been ridiculed on snowless winters because I keep things like the shovel, spare blankets, a knife, duct tape, straps and tarpaulin in the car in case you get stranded somewhere and need to get crafty. I also bring energy bars, nuts and water with me if I’m leaving for a trip outside town.

Come to think of it, I believe T have never laughed at me in this regard. He was questioning the first time I bought all the items but once he realized I had a point, he never said a word.

I know the weather up north is much worse and that you don’t need to prepare to the same extent when you live as far south as we do, but you know what? I could dig my car out today and be on my merry way within a reasonable time while many couldn’t do shit about being snowed in. But I’m not heartless, I do my best to help other people out, especially if it’s an elderly person. Hopefully they’ll keep a shovel themselves and be able to return the favour to some other stranded soul.


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