Our new home actually exists!

Our apartment was up for the final inspection today! As the future owners we were invited to attend, to which we accepted right away so we’ve known about this for about a month.

A third party professional surveyor went over the apartment and marked every little flaw up with some blue tape so the workers would know where the surveyor wasn’t satisfied. Although there was quite a lot of tape bits he said he was overall happy with it and that the craftsmanship have held a high level, both in our apartment and the rest of the building.

Afterwards T and me got to spend some time in the apartment, checking everything out. The kitchen was to die for, just as I have been dreaming about! A warm and welcoming place where I hope I will find inspiration and joy again.

There where so many other cool features that we have never had in our home before. There was also some really neat ideas put into the design of the place as well. Some, not so much, but overall it felt really good. There was really only one thing I went “What on earth did they think here?” and it was the small space in between our washing machine and the wall. I’ll have to figure something out there because it does not look like the blueprint.

We also need to rethink how to furnish the rooms, we will probably not have enough space to furnish them as we originally had planned. The rooms was somewhat narrower then we had pictured it (even if we have measured twice and compared with the blueprints) but it will be fine I believe. After spending some time there, talking back and forth we agreed on what should be put where in case things wont fit according to the original plan.

The rest of the day today I’ve spent packing. There aren’t much else to my days right now but soon everything is in boxes so I’m confident we will be completely ready once Monday comes. But packing up the place takes it toll on the body. I feel constantly on the verge of developing a migraine and I can’t honestly remember a time when my body hurt this bad. It’s like an perpetual muscle soreness that never gives in. I can’t even lift the heavier boxes!

But I must say I’m amazed at how calm I’m feeling. I’ve had bouts of extreme giddiness, happiness, slight panic and anxiety. But mostly I feel calm. I know I’ve got this. I will make it on time, I only have the large wardrobe and some minor things left to pack and we’re not even at the weekend yet. It will be fine. It will be fine because now I have a visual on the place. I know what the entrance look like, I know everything we ordered and paid for are in place. I promise, there will be pictures later on.

I will just drink my warm milk with dissolved Kanolds Eucalyptus-menthol (a Swedish folk remedy for sore throat and coughing I like to drink when I’m feeling like this) and sit back for the rest of the day with the knowledge that our new home aren’t something I’ve just dreamed up.

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