Roughly 36 hours left!

Today we made one last trip to the recycling center here in town to make sure we got rid of all the garbage we had left in the old apartment and also donate some spare items that had popped up while I’ve been busy packing the place up.

We got going early in the day to be sure that we had time to haul everything off, so when I was carrying our old laundry baskets I was still a bit sluggish. This resulted in me taking a nasty dive down the half stair I was standing on.

I landed with knees first on the hard stone floor and winced from the pain and chock. Luckily I had T, who was packing up the car at the moment, quickly coming to my aid, checking if I was hurt in any way. We soon determined that the neighbour’s wheel chair (that sits at the bottom of the stair) and the old laundry baskets must have taken some weight off from the fall. I’ve already gotten large bruises on both knees and my left arm but nothing seems to be broken and if that’s all that will come of it, I’ll take it.

But other then that unfortunate incident, I’ve gotten by with mostly a sore body from all the packing, lifting, sorting, throwing away and so on for the past week. It’s been like having a constant muscle soreness from exercising. But looking at the sizable heap of boxes all neatly packed and sealed, I feel content. I made it!

At the beginning of the week I was in overdrive, feeling panicky, wondering how I ever would be able to get everything sorted in time. But as time ticked by, as it often does, I calmed down. The panic actually went away. For a while I pondered this, it has never gone away once it have started before.. maybe stayed at the same place it was on, but never gone away like this.

Two days or so it finally hit me. I feel in control! I knew I would manage this to the end, we would be prepared for Monday to come and once I had gotten everything into boxes I had done my part for this stage. As that settled with me I started enjoying feeling this new strange calmness, not feeling that old panic breathing down my neck, having me spinning out of control. I felt exhausted beyond belief but I also felt happy. Real happiness for something new to start.

So now we buckle down and wait for Monday to come. We will be alive early in the day and the day will be very long indeed. It’s been hard but I think I’m ready to say good bye to this place. Everything that made it special will come with us and even if I loved the location, I’m certain the new location will be just as good.

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