No internet, but I wont let that stop me from blogging!

Note: Yay for smartphones! Although please bear with me if the format is off.

It’s been a few days since the move now. It’s been quite chaotic and my mood have been swinging wildly from red hot anger to crying within mere minutes. Right now though? I’m exhausted beyond belief. But still I trudge on, slowly unpacking box after box. By now I’ve unpacked roughly 3/4 of all the boxes and the progress is fuelling me to keep pushing even though I would probably need to be resting more than anything at the moment. But it’s hard to wind down and relax without the internet.

And that is the biggest issue at the moment, no working internet. It was supposed to be ready to go from the day we moved in, but as you understand, it hasn’t. Our router was pre-installed so we were very surprised to find that it didn’t work. We called the provider and quite quickly it became clear that the issue wasn’t on our side, it’s actually on their side. It’s something between our provider and the citywide network that’s erring. And by the look of it, we’ll have to wait until Monday before it’s fixed.

But the day of the move was also completely chaotic. It included all the emotions, but mostly anxiety and anger. I’m still mulling it all over and trying to sort it through so I can put everything into its rightful place. It all worked out in the end, we got everything with us eventually but it was a rather high price we had to pay to get here.

I’ve been so angry at times about how it all went down during this week; the move was nothing like I had anticipated or expected. I felt so small and helpless against this faceless corporation that just steamrolled their way over us. The anger was mostly because I felt like a fool for choosing the moving company that I did and because I felt completely out of control in the situation, having to leave myself open for any vulture to swoop down and make demands. We’ll just have to wait and see if something else is going to come of this. I sincerely hope not, but considering their business practises I think we haven’t heard the last of them yet.

But other then those bumps in the road, things are very good with the new apartment! We already love it even though we still have much to do in terms of decoration with both furniture, curtains and whatever else we’re missing.

Now, it does still feel quite.. different, as expected, but not in a bad way. I think that once I’ve unpacked all the boxes and I’ve given all our stuff a new place to live, it will be good. This is, without a doubt, our home. I think I would like to invite friends and family to share this space with us. I think I’ll be happy here.

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