Worrying about the cats

Q: You write quite long posts even though you have no internet, are you typing all this on your phone?

A: No, I type it out on my computer and then transfer the text via USB to the phone. I then copy the text with the phone and publish it through the phone.

We still got no internet It’s starting to feel straining, like withdrawal symptoms and it’s pulling down both mine and T’s general well-being. I wish it wouldn’t feel like this, I mean, it’s rather silly to be affected as much about internet as we have been but it’s the truth. We’ve been calling everyone we can think of to get it moving but the provider have been doing what they can and the people from the citywide network, Open Universe, made it clear they don’t really care about our problems as we aren’t strictly their customers. Our provider is Open Universe’s customer and we are their customers customer. A shitty way of thinking about it for sure.

Although, I have unpacked basically everything, I have a few boxes of clothes left that I need to wait with until we get the wardrobe shelfs sorted, so I’ve gotten much done because of the lack of internet so that’s nice at least. I know I will feel grateful to myself for unpacking everything while we were lacking internet once the issue gets solved. If nothing else, it’ll at least make us feel at home quicker when all the boxes are gone. Hopefully it will also help the cats to feel more at home as well.

The cats have had a hard week that’s for sure. The older one, Onyx, was extremely uncomfortable the first two days but as soon as we moved their food bowl and scratch pad out to the living room/kitchen area she seemed to be doing much better (we kept both of them in the bathroom with their food, water, toys and litterbox for most of the day we moved). Onyx comes and plants herself on/around us like she used to, purring away. She has also begun to eat normally again, and struts around like her old self.

The younger one, Zeras, though… had no problems the first day but after that she’s been acting up. She was apprehensive but curious once they got access to a larger portion of the apartment and seemed to be doing fine, exploring away for the rest of the evening. On the second day and forward though Zeras have been skulking around in the apartment, meowing for attention. A few days ago, she started to eat and drink as her old self at least. T think it’s mostly a question of waiting her out and he might have a point there.

It just… it worries my heart, seeing that Zeras isn’t doing that well. She does seem to be doing better the days I’m home so I try to stay at home as much as I can, to be some kind of secure point for her. Just as I wished I could tell Onyx that everything was going to be alright before the move, I now wish that I could tell Zeras she has nothing to worry about 💔

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