Rebuilding the castle

It’s been a few days now and we’ve got internet up and running! I’m pretty sure there are something wrong with what I signed on Friday but honestly, I didn’t care any more. I just wanted to get it up and running before T came home from work.

Of course I’m happy for my own sake, I can now continue streaming and surf like I always do. But honestly? I was mostly concerned for T’s sake. He had had a long and trying week and I know just how important the web is for his resilience towards inconsistencies like the move. It’s the same for me, but while I suffer from the short term disruptions, he suffers from the long term ones.

Other then that I have been rushing all over the new town, buying everything that we needed for the new apartment and so far I love the new place. I have no problems sleeping and once I had unpacked all the boxes I felt I could start working on making this feel like home. We’ve done quite a few large purchases like two brand new, custom made computer chair from Kinnarps. For our new kitchen area we bought a dinner table and for the spare room we got a desk which will be used as a workbench among other things.

I still have a bunch of things to do and I’m running around with the feeling that I’ve forgotten something. I’m very exhausted but unconsciously I don’t recognize that until I’m way too tired and cranky. I also skip eating since “I don’t feel the hunger” and let me tell you, that is just crappy no matter which way you turn it.

So, for my day off on Tuesday the coming week I’ve decided that I will find my bathing suit (or just buy another one.. that might just be easier) and go to the spa in town. The bubble pool in town isn’t as good as some of the neighbouring bubble pools are but my new home town have the best saunas. And I think I need to just kick back a few hours and soak in the warmth and artificial sunlight they provide at the spa.

It’s been long and trying weeks for him, no question about it, but my past weeks haven’t exactly been easy either. Even if the acclimatization have been coming along very nicely, for us humans at least, my castle are still gone. It takes time to build another one.

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