The calm have settled

So, it came to my attention that my page wasn’t showing as the should. Apparently it was temporarily suspended because they wanted me to verify my e-mail. The thing was, I had the blog and it’s domain connected with a mail adress I no longer used. Not until I mailed support, asking what was wrong, was I informed that I needed to take some action. Suddenly it said on my stats page that there were an issue with the site 😒 Oh well, it seems to be solved by now. That’s all that matters.

In other news we have finally had our first really free weekend where we didn’t have to go somewhere or even have anything planned. My mood is still swinging wildly. I still get so exhausted at times that I feel light-headed and have to sit down. My right hand are still sometimes numb without any real reason. The cats still drive me insane with hair on every possible surface and then some. But just as the cats have started to find their calmness here, so have I.

We only have two more deliveries that we are waiting for. The first one is our new computer chairs that are long over due. Especially on T’s part. His current computer chair are.. well used, to say the least. We got mine a few months earlier then his, half a year or so if I don’t miss remember, so it’s holding up a little better, but not by much. Another two weeks or so until the new computer chairs arrive, it’s gonna be so gooood.

The second delivery we’re waiting for are our new dining table and chairs. We will have to wait a long time for these. The chairs could arrive within days if we would have wanted it that way but the table is what’s taking time. The table top is in massive oak and when the salesperson said they needed to go saw the tree down she didn’t joke 😯 We are looking at having it delivered around week 21 +-1 week. But it’s well worth the wait, if we take care of it, we’ll never have to buy another table.

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