Settling into the new apartment

annoyed onyxia
As a “I’m sorry” for messing up my streaming hours I posted a picture of a slightly annoyed Onyxia om my social medias. I’ll share it here too as a “I’m sorry I don’t write much atm”.

There really isn’t much happening in our lives right now. There’s mostly peace and quiet while we get used to living in this new space. I’ve noticed a peak in my willingness to cook for us since I’ve gotten to know my new kitchen. I’m still kind of playing it on the safe side, trying and testing just how much I can deal with, but I’ve really come to love bustling around in the kitchen space. Everything is so thought out and the new appliances have so many smart functions I can’t really let it go just yet.

Other then that, our new computer chair arrived the day before yesterday (good grief, they’re amazing!) so now we’re only waiting for the dinner table + chairs to be delivered. They will most likely not be delivered until the end of May, so we have roughly another 8 weeks or so to wait. I’m hoping they will get here earlier but something tells me we will have to wait the full time for it since it’s a custom made table.

We’ve also planned for the space a little more by now. We have agreed on curtains for the living room and kitchen areas and how to solve the ugliness of a thousand cables hanging about, cluttering the computer area. I just need to go to our local IKEA to pick up the fabric and then spend a little time by my sewing machine to alter the length of the pieces.

But since we got our wardrobe area sorted out with boxes and shelves we have officially unpacked everything and gotten rid of the cardboard boxes! Silly as I felt, I was almost in tears (of happiness) as I got to the last clothes box, but it felt that good. We still haven’t hung any of the paintings but I’m still pondering where to put it all and I want to have figured that one out before I start hammering the walls.

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