Unexpected, but most welcome, guest

T’s grandmother, L, called today. I had my phone on silent so I missed the call (as everything annoy me at the moment I save a lot of energy by not hearing every little thing going on), but I had T call her back as my brain was nothing more then mush this morning. She wanted to come and visit us at our new apartment but she also asked (read: demanded) that we took a trip to the grocery store so she could stock our fridge and cupboard up. This means we go shopping and stock up on foodstuffs and she picks up the tab in the end and pays it for us.

This have happened before, mostly when we were low on money some 12-13 years ago, but since we got a better financial position we hadn’t done that for quite some time, save for once just before the holidays in December last year. Once we had moved I thought we had seen the last of trips like these, but obviously I was wrong. It is still very nice even if we don’t walk on our knees or needs for anything directly. It help us out quite much and the difference can be seen on the savings account at the end of the month.

She’s also of the opinion that she’d rather spend her money on us now then save it for when she dies (and it goes out as inheritance) as she likes to dote on her grandchildren and make sure we are cared for. Now, I’m not technically her grandchild but she counts me in as one anyway, knowing some details from my past and seeing how I care for the apple of her eye.

So even if my thoughts didn’t make any sense at all today and I slurred quite a lot from the tiredness, we still made it to ICA Maxi, met up with L, did the shopping and then invited her to view our apartment to get some fika. She is somewhat invested in the apartment project so we both felt that we didn’t want to deny her her wish of coming to visit. She was quite impressed though and exclaimed “That’s so exclusive!” several times as we showed her around. At the end she summarized it all by stating that she thought we had made a good deal.

We are still holding off with the housewarming fika as we are still missing the dinner table and chairs. But I guessed that some would want to come visit before that point as it’s still another 8 weeks until they arrive. But that’s fine, it gives me time to fix the last details such as curtains in every room, hide the PC cables and maybe even get some patio furniture. The last thing there have really not been far up on the “need to get”-list, but ever so slowly we’re getting down to these “quality of life”-items as well as we have crossed off all the “can’t live without” and “would be good to get pretty soon” items.

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