About IKEA and my visit there today

As much as Swedes like to joke about our flat packages and meatballs, there’s a reason to why that is. At the end of the day, many of us still visit IKEA from time to time to buy an assortment of stuff. They have, for example, really cheap kitchen-ware with a huge range and carries everything from plastic, metal or wooden options. And if you are prepared to pay a little more for it you can get pretty decent quality for your money, not everything is a rickety Billy bookcase.

They also sell these really handy basic start packages with like 6x of everything (plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, knifes, forks and spoons) for a fairly small sum, these are rather popular with people who have moved to their first own place pretty recently. I, for one, was given one of these packages the very first time I moved to my own place.

The closest IKEA to us is still like an hour and a half away so I don’t go there every week, I usually pool up on things I want and make one large trip instead of several small ones. I also often try to buy locally before I turn to IKEA as a way of supporting the stores that are closer to us. But, at times I do like to make a visit to this gigantic home department store. My visit today was sparked by the fact that they had curtains I really liked and wanted to put up in our living room/kitchen area, but while I was there I got a bunch of other stuff as well. They have surprisingly good linen and I found a very nice wooden cutting board.

I will be hunting down a few items I skipped while in IKEA. I had planned on buying curtain rods and fittings there but I ended up only buying the rods. They have changed their fittings and I don’t like the new ones.. but I did see the exact same ones that we already have in a local store instead so I will try my luck there. I also need to adjust the length of the curtains so I will have another adventure with my sewing machine.. but with some patience I will solve that too.

After I survived the ordeal that is IKEA (let’s face it and call it for what it is) I met up with a friend, had a nice lunch and went to the town’s local spa. We do that sometimes, they have this fantastic indoor pool that always stays at 35C (95F) and a bunch of different saunas you can visit when you’ve had your fill of the pool. It’s very relaxing and a nice way to catch up with my friend as well. We don’t see each other that much any longer, it was easier to stay in touch when me and T still went to school in that town. But whenever my friend have time off and I can match that, we’re soaking in the pool and talking about everything between heaven and earth.

It was a nice day overall. I’m insanely tired from all the socialization and being out shopping with so many people around me all the time. I will hit they hay directly after I’m done here, I’ve had a long day and tomorrow will be a whole other adventure.

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