Hi, my name is Eve and I feel ancient.

There’s nothing new that I’ve had my thumb and index finger go numb a couple of times a day, it’s been happening ever since I wrote my thesis back in 2012, but has gotten worse since we moved in February.  But since this is nothing new I just assumed it would go away sooner or later, it always did.

The numbing did go away for a while and everything seemed to be fine, but a week ago a sharp pain presented itself on the outside of my elbow and soon after the numbing came back. I didn’t think much of it, sometimes the depression makes itself known through pain in different parts of my body so I just left it be and hoped that it would go away on it’s own.

Two nights ago though, I was woken up by this shooting, white hot pain in my arm. Even though I went up and took some pain killers it still took a long time for me to be able to go back to sleep as the pain never seemed to subside. That same day I called the local health centre to see if something could be done. The nurse who took my call gave me an appointment for the next day (today), to see someone who was educated and worked with muscle and exercise physiology.

It was a quick visit, no more then 30 minutes. The woman I got to meet said it was a clear case of carpal tunnel syndrome, a rather far progressed one at that as I’ve been living with this for such a long time, and a mild case of tennis elbow. They don’t connect with each other but both cause pain and loss of strength in my arm. I got two bracers from her. One to wear during the day, for the elbow, and one to wear during night, for the hand and wrist. I also got some light exercises to do a couple of times a day for both the hand and elbow.

But carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow? That’s ailments that I’ve exclusively assign to an elderly person. I mean, I turn 34 in a few months and I jokingly say I feel old sometimes. God knows I’ve been through more then my share of crap long before I even was considered an adult. But still, I don’t feel old. Until today. I know it’s silly, things like these aren’t for old people alone, anyone can get these problems. But still, it was a weird feeling I couldn’t shake off.

Regardless, I’ve been using my elbow bracer for the whole day today and it has been of great help already. It has this construction that it puts a mild pressure on the muscle that is causing the pain. She said it could take a few weeks for it to reach full effect but that I pretty soon will feel some pain relief.

The hand though, she wasn’t sure she could correct it with a bracer alone since it’s been over a year since my thumb started hurting and going numb. She instructed me to wear the night bracer anyway for the six weeks we’ve got until my next appointment. If it has gotten better, then great. If not, we’ll talk about possible treatments then. The body needs time to work through it, there’s no stressing it on getting better.

Right now though I just feel so tired. It’s been a long day for sure and it feels like I could just go straight to bed and fall asleep instantly. Got a long day tomorrow as well, but it will be filled with streaming and table top RPG:ing in the evening. Hopefully that won’t be as draining as this day has been.

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