About me

This blog is both personal and professional. This is where I write about my private life and my public person and a lot of things in between.

Me and my husband T met in 2002 through our mutual love of video games. 6 years later, in 2008, we got married. We live in Sweden and have two cats, Onyxia and Zerafia. Because of my medical history I’m a stay at home wife and I fill my days with taking care of the household and my husband. I also stream on Twitch roughly 5 days a week.

All my life I’ve had some kind of issue with my mental health but I didn’t understand that my behaviour had a name it until many years into adulthood. Bipolarity was first introduced as a possible cause many years before I actually got the diagnose, but in 2007 it was finalized and I was put on medication. I chose medication because I hated myself with a burning intent for every time I lashed out on the person I loved the most, my husband. Today I educate and hold lectures in how it is to live with bipolarity. I meet with both medical personnel, students and fellow bipolar patients and their families.

2002 I took a genetic test that came out positive for Lynch Syndrome (HNPCC). It means I’m at a severely heightened risk of developing cancer throughout my life time. I go on yearly check-ups to see if something have changed since last time and has done so since I was 24. If it has I meet with a specialist who helps me decide the best course of action. This is why I had to have a hysterectomy in 2015.

I’ve always been a bit chubby but some time after I started on meds in 2007 I was gaining a lot of weight. If I put on the weight because of the meds or because I took comfort in eating I don’t know, but over the course of two or three years I had put on roughly 30 kg (66 lbs) landing on 119 kg (262 lbs). I never did manage to control this behaviour and stayed at this weight for many many years. When it was clear that I needed the surgery in 2015 though, I managed to get hold of myself and loose the weight I had put on before I went in under the knife.

As a direct cause of this operation I started thinking about what I wanted to do with myself and playing video games is something I have always loved. I found an incredible cheap camera, set up all my software and went live.