New graphics + last tattoo treatment (hopefully)

I’ve taken a few days off to recharge the batteries after the past incident. During this time I’ve worked on new graphical elements for my stream like alerts, panels and overlays. It’s taken a lot of time and have been exhausting at times but it has still allowed me to occupy my mind but not overwhelm it. With some expert help from T, who have an eye for graphical irregularities and a general computer know-how that I lack, I’ve iron out quite a lot of wrinkles in the design. I still have a few things to do before I’m really done, but most of it are within the broadcaster software (OBS studio), like setting up and adjusting the scenes.

On Monday I went for my last (or so we hope) laster treatment for my neck tattoo (more about why I’m having it removed here). The technician joked with me when I got there, saying she felt like I was tired of coming to her every eight week. I calmly said that I’ve gotten this far now, I will be booking an appointment for as long as it takes. She just nodded and smiled, but the behavioral scientist in my brain told me she was probably feeling some kind of guilt because it’s taken so long for the tattoo to fade. I don’t really mind going to her, I’ve seen how it’s been fading and she did prep me in the very beginning by saying it will take time.

But goddamn it’s going to be nice once I don’t have to go there anymore, but only because the visits there are connected to pain. I mean, I’m paying for someone to attack me with a laser 😛 The first kind of laser she used most of the times sure hurts but to be honest.. it was nothing to this last one. The first one, she explained, was a laser that went deep into the skin to reach the ink that was put there by the tattoo artist. The second one is not, it only operates in the upper layers of the skin and are more like sandpaper, grinding off the skin. The treatment hurts like all hell and leaves me with a gaping wound that takes time healing. But the technician said she got all the way down to the ink and was able to remove most of it. So here’s to hoping this was the last time I had to pay for the inexperience of youth.

I’m sleepy but got hold of a digital artist!

I hadn’t planned on it, but I slept in for a few hours today and ended up sleeping for a little more then 12 hours. Only 6-7 months or so ago I used to sleep for this amount of hours every night. But nowadays, like I wrote about in an earlier post, I try to limit my sleep to a maximum of 9 hours per night. It has worked pretty fine, of course I’m still tired some days and social interactions still drains a lot of energy from me, but it’s working good enough. Often I manage to stay awake for the whole day and get to bed reasonably early. But sometimes my sleeping pattern just runs off with me, I’m a night owl and once I pass 22.00 (10 pm) I usually can stay up most of the night if I want to. But enough about that. I’m up and awake and I’m feeling reasonably well, kept for a little headache that I hope will go away once the morning sleepiness disperse.

I finally got hold of a digital artist that actually replied and also accepted my commission. I didn’t think it would be that hard to get hold of one, in my mind it was the buyers market, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. With all the new affiliates on Twitch (me included) most digital artists found their inbox overflowing with messages from enthusiastic people wanting emotes and whatnot. Neither of the first five I sent a message to gave an answer at all, which left me wondering if I should try to contact more artists or simply wait another week.

But what if several accepted at the same time? How would I determine who was to get the job then? I thought a little about it and decided on “first come first serve”. Even if I hadn’t sent out a request to all of them at the same time, it seemed most fair that the first one to answer was the one who landed it. An answer was missing from all of the ones I contacted last week so I looked up more artists yesterday and sent out a new request. A few hours went by and I got a positive response. She accepted and told me she’s working on another customers commission but as soon as she’s done with that, she’ll start on mine.