#LevelWithACause for TakeThis


At the start of next Diablo 3 season many from my clan Rift will be raising money for the non-profit charity TakeThis.

TakeThis, Inc. seeks to inform our community about mental health issues, to provide education about mental disorders and mental illness prevention, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness. – Source

Since I too suffer from a mental disorder this event felt very close to my heart. Be sure to visit our charity homepage #LevelWithACause on the 9th and 10th of November to help us help others!

Adding more time to the schedule

I’m trying to add more streaming time to my schedule and I’m testing the waters this week to see what times might suit me the best. I’ve been doing the evening streams and I have tried to keep a game rotation of the games that my viewers seem to like the most. But, like I’ve said in an earlier post, Diablo 3 (D3) is the game that single handedly draws the biggest audience to my channel. A lot of my watchers also play D3 themselves, which of course means that most of them are only interested in seeing me play that particular game.

But I have been reluctant to skip all the other games and dedicate my whole channel to a single game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with the channels that can pull that off, but I know myself well enough to realize that if I don’t have a game rotation I will get sick and tired of just playing that one game. I am a variety gamer at the my very core and the genre is secondary. I play games on the basis of them being interesting enough to peak my curiosity and wanting to play it, even if I do have genres I know I’m less interested in like first person shooters (FPS) and horror games.

So my goal with adding time to my streaming schedule is grounded in the idea that I want to give D3 more time on the air but not at the expense of all the other games. The best solution I could come up with was to give D3 the majority of the evening streams (as that is the busiest time) and play other games during early afternoon streams. That way everyone have something to watch as I need to be live on the evenings with D3 to interact with my viewers but not necessarily with games such as Stardew Valley or Recettear. The backlog of past streams carries quite a lot of my past sessions so it’s easy to go back if they wish to see a specific game.

I’m thinking of putting the afternoon stream somewhere between 13 to 17 once autumn rolls around and all the people with regular jobs return from their vacations but for now I’ve streamed 14 to 18 instead. I hope it works out fine and that this is something I can commit to. It would mean I’m doing a regular 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week thing.. and that is something I know I can’t do on a regular job due to my depression and anxiety. But I wont celebrate until I’ve thoroughly tried it out and done a serious evaluation of the situation.

Rift, my new clan & possible schedule changes

I love to play Diablo 3. There’s something with that game that keeps me coming back again and again. But I sadly I haven’t fired the game up as often since I don’t have anyone to play with (apart from when the game is in between seasons and I take an official break from the game). Playing alone is only that much fun in the long run whether you play hardcore or not. But I have been hanging around another streamer that also plays a lot of Diablo 3. He and his clan mates often play together and a few of them stream together.

So, I gathered my courage and asked if I could join the clan. I needed to gather my courage because I’m kinda shy and feel uncomfortable asking for things like this, even if I had gotten the vibe that they weren’t opposed to the idea. To my great relief I quickly got the response that I was most welcome in the clan and I joined up with them the very same afternoon. I’m therefore most probably going to switch from playing hardcore (if you die, your char is gone) to playing softcore (no limit, your char is gone only if you delete it). But this isn’t a problem if I get more people to share the experience with.

Other then that I’ve been pondering adding more time to my schedule, as I’ve talked about before. Streaming 4 hours 5 days a week have been working fine but I’m thinking I might add a second session on the days I already stream. I haven’t decided how long these sessions should be or on how many days I would want to do them on but since I’ve noticed that Diablo 3 is single handedly drawing the biggest audience, I’d like for it to get more time on the air, preferably without removing other game titles. So, I was thinking that perhaps I could play Diablo on most of the evening sessions and play any other game during a day session. But I haven’t decided on a rotation for anything, whether it be games or time, it is still a bunch of loose ideas floating around in my mind.

New Necromancer pack + sleep

I stayed up late last night to stream the new Necromancer pack that was released. T couldn’t sleep so we played together to 3.15 am. The pack wasn’t released until 11.30 pm since they had connected the release of the pack to the patch. I must have gone into some overdrive of some kind because I was really tired earlier but when I got home, I couldn’t fall asleep like I had planned to.

Hours and hours later I’m still awake. My brain is quite mushy but beside that, I feel fine. This worries me to some extent of course. I don’t like to mess with my sleeping pattern but when there’s a need I will. Usually though the body sends a clear message and promptly makes me so sleepy I can’t keep my eyelids up even if I glued them open.

I was hoping to make the last 5 followers as an early player with this new content in Diablo 3, but since Monday it has been completely dry. I guess there’s no rush to be honest, but I tend to get a little bit impatient at times wanting things to happen preferably yesterday.

2nd death in Diablo 3

Having upped my anti-anxiety meds I was tired and inattentive yesterday and sadly that meant the death of my Witch Doctor in Diablo 3. When playing a hardcore hero you’re bound to die sometime but it was highly annoying anyway as I was just working my way up to do a level 70 solo rift but died on a much lower level. The only defence I have for my mistake is that I was tired from my meds and distracted by things off screen. If you want to see the exact moment, and my reaction, there’s a 28 sec clip from the 4h video here.

Face of defeat

Face of defeat

Now, it doesn’t really matter to be honest. I was feeling done with Diablo anyway and now I got a reason to let it be until the new season is released in late June/early July. In the meantime I’m planning on streaming more Stardew Valley (still missing 10 achievements), Mass Effect:Andromeda and maybe even Dishonored 2.

We got Dishonored 2 for T when it was first released a few months back and even if he have finished it, I haven’t even installed it yet. But hooray for family sharing on Steam! It lets me share my games with T and vice versa so we only need to buy one copy of a game we don’t want to play together.

My new clan and bot

My two day headache turned into a five day headache, but finally it seems like the pain has subsided for real. During these days I’ve been focused on streaming before anything else and thus the blog suffered, but I mean it’s not that relevant to make another post saying I still have a headache. That’s what Facebook and Twitter are for 😛

But there have been some changes since my last post. I decided it was time to get myself a bot to manage the chat on Twitch so most of the time yesterday was applied to pursuing this. I ended up going with DeepBot since a few of my new clan members in Diablo 3 had recommended it. But I also checked out NightBot and PhantomBot before settling and paying for DeepBot. That was one of the biggest setbacks for DeepBot, that I had to pay to even try it. But it seemed like a near perfect balance between helping me with the things I don’t know or want to handle myself and still give me the ability to customise the individual elements to my liking. The name I chose for my bot ended up being OrdningsBot which, for my Swedish followers, is a pun. A “ordningsbot” is basically a penal in Swedish and considering the nature of my new bot this seemed fitting. If I dislike the bot name in the long run, changing it isn’t that hard.

But on the earlier note, I have found a clan that I hang around with in Diablo 3, chatting while doing the mindless grind that you always end up having to do and getting help/helping them powerlevel their characters. I’ve yet only suffered one permadeath with my very first Witch Doctor but it was enough to give me the taste of how it is to play hardcore. When I had died with my first character I had found a fellow female streamer and decided to jump servers from Europe to America to join them. Playing hardcore by yourself isn’t that fun after all. Having an actual person that responds also makes the conversation less forced, helping me with not sounding so uptight. But there’s a definite difference among the hardcore players, I have never felt so unskilled in a game that I have played for a couple of hundred hours.

2 day headache and other reflections

For the first time in a very long time I had a splitting headache yesterday. I tried to pull through by taking pain killers and use every trick I had up my sleeve but I ended up going to bed much earlier then I usually do. I did however also stream for roughly 7 hours and blog as well so it was a good day in that aspect at least. But otherwise it was a hard day as my head tried to kill me and my Witch Doctor did die the hard death of Hardcore. I felt bummed out and refused to pick Diablo up again for the whole day and that was probably good.

Sadly it feels like this is going to be another day with another splitting headache and I consider not streaming at all. T laughed at me yesterday when he realized I’ve come to the point every streamer comes to: when you no longer know what’s work and what’s free time since you now “work” with what used to be your hobby. But the more I do this the more I get the feel for what I want to stream and what I want to keep as something I do on my spare time. So far I have never enjoyed working so many hours straight without any breaks as I’ve enjoyed it these past weeks.