Feeling happy

I love sleeping in when I can, some times though it’s more of a necessity then a choice. But the best feeling of all is when you really needed it and you had the opportunity to sleep a little extra. Sleeping 11 hours a night isn’t that good though, I know that. But since it have been a few hectic days I thought it was okay for this time.

Today I’ll try and relax as much as I can. But I feel a bit stressed though, since tomorrow is the first time that my very own Mage – The Ascension (a table top RPG) group is going to gather to create characters. When I say “my very own” I mean that I will be GM:ing for the group. I have GM:ed before, but mostly to smaller groups of one or two people. As it looks right now they’ll be five players. I wouldn’t have agreed to that size of a group unless I felt confident I could make it, I’ve played Mage several times myself and know the system well enough to be able to handle it, or so I think. But still, it’s something quite new to me and that’s always a bit nerve wrecking.

So today will be a day for reading, plotting and otherwise planning the very beginning of the story so I’m ready for questions and similar stuff tomorrow 🙂

Pimp my jail

Dice jail

A few weeks ago I made a post about the dice jail that my GM had built for me. The very same night he put down a base layer of paint on it an set it out to dry. Some time later T brought it home with him so I could decorate it before the next Pathfinder RPG session (T and the GM is good friends so they often get together and play board games at the GM’s house since he has a tonne of games).

As I’ve mentioned before, I have no real tools for this kind of work but I still find it fun and rewarding to create something with my own hands. I made do with a silver pen, a permanent black marker, glue and some random pieces of paper for the “DICE JAIL” sign. I colored the sign black and distressed it with a regular nail file before I glued it onto the bars. Coloring and shading of the bars was made by first putting down a layer of silver ink, let it dry, use the black marker and then quickly dry the black ink off before it set completely to make it look old and used.

During last nights RPG session I got to use it a few times for disobedient dices and it works! We had a six sided dice that only rolled ones and after a few rounds in the jail it only rolled sixes 😂

Twitch subs and my loved one’s lost voice

Yesterday was a strange kind of day. T was out with his colleagues on bowling and beer to take farewell of a co-worker that did his last day yesterday. This meant I was on my own the majority of the day. But I had promised to be on stand by for pickup service wherever T happened to find himself once the night was coming to an end. T works in the city we’re moving to in February, which is about 36 km (22 miles) away so it’s a bit too far for him to walk..  In any case, I hadn’t intended to stream for as long as I did but I’m really happy that I did. I clocked in at 8 hours and had both 2 new subscribers (IIH SUBSCRIBERS!!) and 500 new shiny bits to show for it. It was a very good day and even if I was quite exhausted once I took the stream down I was so happy. I even gave away the most rare thing I could come to think of to one of my new subs: a picture of me with a huge smile.

But I’m worried about T. During the past week he had his first lectures for the term and since then he has had problems with his throat. Initially we thought it was only because he had been talking so much more then he was used to for two days straight. But as the days have passed he haven’t gotten better at all, it’s only gotten worse. Today it was so bad he both lost sleep and threw up from the discomfort and once I got out of bed we realized he almost couldn’t talk at all. I’ve told him to rest his voice as much as possible these coming days so he has the best chance to recover from whatever he have gotten. I give him clear yes or no questions when I have to communicate with him so he can minimize the usage of his vocal cords by just nodding one way or the other. I also serve him cup after cup with hot beverages like tea and chocolate with a huge spoon of honey in it as that seems to soothe the soreness.

My poor love.. my heart always hurts whenever he’s sick or doesn’t feel well. And him throwing up was something that was really alarming. I remember the times he have felt that bad during all our years together and him getting to that point has always been because he drank to much, never because of sickness. I guess I can’t do more then I’m already doing, but I wish I could take the sickness and discomfort away from him and suffer through them myself on his account. He deserves his weekends and days off, he work so hard already 😔

My custom dice jail


Ever since I learned about the dice jail (to the left) I’ve wanted one. You can buy it off Etsy but the shipping to Sweden was more then the actual product so I’ve held off on buying anything but it saddened me since I fell in love with the little trinket. Occasionally I’ve talked about this funny thing as everyone who has ever played any kind of RPG knows that the dices sometimes needs to be shamed when they are naughty and only rolls misses. The Pathfinder group met on Friday and they asked if I had bought the dice jail yet and I told them it was much too expensive with the shipping fee being so high. I get a couple of “Aaww” and sympathetic nodding “Mmm” and I thought nothing more of it.

My DM though, who are quite handy and have access to both power tools and material, thought that it couldn’t take that much effort or money to throw together something like this. He went and bought a few flower sticks for the bars and used some throw away pieces of wood that he happened to have laying around. He then went to work with saw, drill, sandpaper and glue. When we gathered yesterday again (we played two days in a row) he handed me the small wooden cage and said it was a little gift. I was overjoyed when I realized what it was and had a hard time to stop grinning like a fool during the whole RPG session. Me scolding the dices and threatening them with the jail drew almost as many laughs as when I actually put the naughty dices in there.

My DM also had some black spray paint in his tool cabinet and offered to put down a base layer of paint on it so I had something to work from. I happily accepted this as I have nothing of the sort at home. So, I’m planning to buy a silver pen (for the bars) and then I’ll design a small sign that will go across the bars stating “DICE JAIL”, just like on the model. The group also suggested writing something like “Naughty dices are being punished here” or “Ignoble, disobedient pieces of plastic rests in this garden of shame” in latin on the rim of the top and bottom.

I never knew two planks and a couple of cut off flower sticks could make me so happy 。^‿^。

Not used to the warm weather, but I love it!

We have precious few really hot summer days this far north of the equator. Many Swedes complains about this fact and wish for weather that is far from the chilly, drizzling rain and snow we usually have. Come late april and sunny weather, it’s not an usual sight seeing a Swede in shorts and a tank top in no more then +10C (+50F).  But once the summer hit us like a truck, most of us are melting in the warmness of the sunlight and silently wishing for a cool breeze.

Today is such a day when the sun is mercilessly baking and it’s +27C (+80.6F) in the shade. Of course, Sweden like all places, have the full range of those who love this warm weather to those who don’t and everyone in between. I’m one of those that love the warm weather but I’m having problems with heatstroke and need to keep myself out of the direct sun as much as possible.

But I had to go to the grocery store and pick up some foodstuffs today. Without looking at the thermometer I put on jeans and a t-shirt, thinking that it couldn’t be that warm outside since the weather have been sunny the last week but not overly warm.. but oh boy, I was wrong. Luckily I wasn’t going to more then two stores so I was out and back home within the hour. Once home though I quickly had to change my clothes again since I was overheating something bad.

On days like these though I like to eat something cool and refreshing so once home I made fruit salad. We usually have fruit salad once or twice per year, depending on how many really warm days we have that summer. Now, fruit salad isn’t really considered decent food like a cooked meal, I know. But at least I have a hard time to eat when it’s too hot outside, whatever goes down on days like these are considered okay in my books.

The mail from Twitch finally came!

The the mail and the notification (see below) was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I provided all the info needed before heading to bed and when I woke up this morning I had a new shiny “Subscribe”-button on my channel as well as a new ticker for subscriptions. It is now possible for my viewers to support me by subscribing to the channel or by cheering with bits.

This is both insanely fun and scary at the same time. Thought’s like “Who would want to subscribe to me, really?” keep invading my mind and each time I remind myself that hey, I have managed to get this many followers by doing this, I must have something that’s interesting to a viewer. I know that if I keep this trying and do my best, I will eventually get there. And that makes my heart soar ^.^

Hova Riddarvecka (medieval week) & my new armor

I’m an old LARP:er, so when I want to dress up to stand out in a crowd – I do it. In a small community called Hova they arrange Riddarveckan (strictly translated “Knight week” but medieval week is probably more appropriate) each year and it’s fun to go for a day and do something entirely different then you usually do. A good friend of mine, who also is a LARP:er, happen to have some gear that was suiting for this kind of event.

So together we went to Hova, she in a beautiful dress and me in an borrowed leather armor (up top in the first picture and straight behind me in the second), that actually now are spoken for by me. I’ve had my eye on the piece ever since we went to this event two years ago but nothing more came of it back then. Today we spoke about it since I expressed my love for it and she was looking to sell it anyway. Once I get some money over I’m paying for it, but I’ve asked her to store it for me until we have moved.

Anyway, the event draws a lot of people, no question about it and since we dressed up we had eyes on us – all the time. But all of it was positivity and expression of awe and admiration. I’ve had many young children, mostly boys, stare at me with googly eyes and then burst into the biggest smiles as I waved at them. My friend have had the same thing but with many young girls, as she did indeed look like a princess. A lot of older children/adults have taken pictures of us and a handful even asked us/me to pose together with them while their friends or family hurriedly grasped after their phones.

The whole day is ended with a spectacular Tourney with jousting and whatnot, where the knights competes against each other. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being there but as last time, I was very tired once we was heading home, but very happy. Over all – a very fine day. I was very happy and flattered that people thought I looked so good that they wanted to take pictures with me. I’m not usually heading to bed for another hour or two but today I’ll get to bed early and I’ll be sure to dream about knightly adventures and princesses that needs rescuing 😉