Marital honesty – heartwarming conversation

E: “What do you think of me wearing makeup then?”
T: “It’s.. it’s different.”
E: “Different like ‘Never do that again’ or ‘I’ll get used to it?’ different?”
T: “Just.. different. I get that you do it for the camera but honey, you don’t need it.”
E: “No?”
T: “No, you’re pretty just the way you are. You don’t need a face full of makeup.”
E: “Aww.. thanks love. I promise this won’t be an every-stream thing. Besides, it takes forever to get ready with this.. I don’t know how anyone wearing makeup everyday get anything done.”

He smiles at me and return to his computer. Later in the evening when I had washed off all the makeup he turned to me coming into the living room, beamed a huge smile and exclaimed: “There’s the woman I fell in love with! Welcome home honey!”

My sweet boi ❤

My return to the makeup

When I was a teen I used quite a lot of makeup and hair products. But once I met T, who always thought natural without makeup was the more beautiful choice, I gradually stopped using makeup all together. I still had a mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow in case I wanted to put on something, but I never used them. I used mascara and eyeliner everyday for about 4 months in 2012 when I worked as a junior executive at a private health care company. My eyes did not like that though and I got a nasty eye infection that took several rounds of antibiotic treatments. I tossed both the mascara and the eyeliner in the trash the day I quit the company.

Then, in 2015 I got some idea in my head that I wanted to start wearing makeup again. But I was put off because it was just so much new things to take in and I didn’t know even half of all the terms that was used. BeautyBlender? Primer? Baked eye shadow? I went full nope on that and just went with my traditional mascara and eyeliner. And the craze didn’t last long.

But! I’ve been following Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel for quite some time now. I don’t know how I found his channel but I watched a few videos and I was hooked. In the beginning it felt kinda like a guilty pleasure, but watching his videos makes me happy so to hell with all the rest. He does a lot of makeup reviews and tutorials, which was perfect for someone who felt completely out of the loop. I felt kind of secure in the fact that it was a guy who did all this.

So, recently I picked up the eye shadows, the primer, the translucent powder and whatnot and started practising. I’m fairly happy with how my face makeup turns out with the foundation and powder, but the eyes are hard for me. I used to do a really heavy panda emo thing as a teen, but I just can’t pull that off any longer. From 2012 I know my eyes are sensitive and that I shouldn’t apply eye makeup more then once a day and that I must let the eyes rest in between. But it would be fun to learn how to put different kinds of  makeup and experiment with the colors a bit.

I know this is a substitute for dying my hair as I have stopped using hair dye completely. My face is the new canvas. But makeup have a few advantages over hair dye. First it’s easy removable. If I don’t like what I have created I can just wash it off and try again tomorrow. Second, you can’t really feel your hair being strained or over treated, it’s much easier to know when enough is enough if you have sensitive skin and I’m hoping this means I can let my skin rest when I feel it being strained. I hope this is a good way to get my creative needs sated without destroying my hair.