Learning experiences – “unique” viewers

I streamed today even though it was my day off. I’m happy that I did as I’m two experiences richer because of it. The first one I could have been without to be honest, but it as only a question of time before it happened. The other one was probably also something that was bound to happen sooner or later, but not something I knew was going to happen at all.

The first one was when I was visited by 3-4 persons who wreaked havoc in my chat, spewing all kinds of bile and nastiness around themselves. This kind of persons are highly toxic though and only seeks attention. I greeted them, like I do all who writes something in my chat, but once I understood what they wanted I quickly fell silent and timed them out. Eventually they dropped out of the channel and disappeared into the interwebs from whence they came. But I’ve been called everything under the sun during my time in school and with a alcoholic mother. I’ve been bullied from the first to the last day in school and my own mother have added to that repertoar so my reaction was instantaneous: no visual reaction or recognition at all. But a part from my mother, this time I could give a clear reprimand to the viewers who were behaving badly.

Pretty soon after they had left (read: had been kicked out by yours truly) I was struggling with keeping the small talk up, I was a bit shaken. I always knew something like this would happen, but I wasn’t prepared on it happening today. I let it fall in silence even though I had 4-5 viewers at the time, feeling that old sting of insecurity I’ve dragged around with me for as long as I can remember. But suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by that familiar ding, I was being hosted by a fellow clan mate from Diablo 3. She also joined my chat and soon my channel was buzzing with chatters, much more pleasant then the previous visitors.

I’d much rather remember how nice it felt when my clan mate hosted me, joined my chat and had a pleasant conversation with me then how it felt when I was called an array of colorful names and compared to a beached whale. But I think both experiences are important to remember. There are some seriously wacky people out there who will say anything to get you to react but there are also these warm and genuine people who just comes by and lights up the place with their presence.

New experiences – a shattered window

I was once told that as you get older, the amount of times you experience something new is getting farther and farther apart. I couldn’t help thinking about that as I did experience something new yesterday. Not something pleasant, unfortunately, but still something new. Yesterday was the first time I heard a window completely shatter. It was a rouge football, kicked by a young boy, that caused the shattering of the window. The child did what children always do when they cause something like this, he ran and hid. But his brother had told their parents and then gone over to us to tell us that they’ll pay for the broken window.

I got angry once I realized what had happened, I’ll admit that. But it was only the outer window that broke, the inner is still whole. I was also highly annoyed that the kid just ran but he was no more then 7 or 8 so hey, I get that he got scared. The anger settled somewhat once the brother rang our doorbell and the anger was quickly dispersing as I was taken to the parents. These things happen. There’s a reason as to why you’re always told not to kick a football on a wall that has a window in it. The dad held up a civil front during our conversation as we swapped information but once I had turned my back and started going down the stairs from their apartment, I could hear him scolding his sons.

Now, with only a single window to hold against the strong winds of yesterday, it got kinda chilly in our bedroom. Luckily we have a spare radiator that we’ve used for especially cold winters that we could put by the window to combat the chilly air making it’s way through the cracks. And since we still rent our apartment, the first thing of the day was to call the landlord and have them arrange something with the local glazier. But everything went by very smoothly as I had already gotten the parents info and could hand it over to the landlord directly over the phone. Sure, we are a little inconvenienced with the broken window as it is indeed still windy outside and therefore somewhat chilly inside. But hey, at least we don’t have to pay for it or handle the insurance company.