My stomach is on a roller coaster but the rest of me wasn’t invited

When I looked back at some of my old posts recently I came across the post where I reflected over it only being three months left until we would be moving. It’s now approximately three weeks before we’re moving and that surreal feeling still haven’t gone away. We’re contacted more or less daily with some new detail or decision that needs to be made and yesterday was no exception.

The final paperwork have gone the full round with everyone that needs to sign them and we were sent one of the copies. The final invoice also arrived with our copy of the contract assignment. I handed the invoice off to T as he’s the one who are in contact with the bank. I took care of all the other obligations we needed fulfill like signing things, mailing it to the right people and other notifications that needed to be tended to.

We now got a time and date for everything. The final inspection will be happening on the 14th of February at 11.00 (11 am), the move is scheduled for the 19th between 17.00-20.00 (5 pm – 8 pm) and the key pickup will happen at 09.00 (9 am) on the day for the move.

I’m still kinda freaked and stressed out but somewhere in the back of my mind I’ve gotten get the feeling that we’ll be fine. I haven’t packed that much since the day I packed 3½ boxes so I guess it’s time to get moving with that again, like packing everything from the big wardrobe out in the hallway and most of the items in our cabinets in the kitchen.

I’m still insanely tired as well but I sleep 10-11 hours a night, kept for when the cats wake me up. They’ve done it twice in a row now, spazzing/playing so hard that they accidentally close the bedroom door effectively trapping themselves in the room. I’m then woken up by their intense scratching on the door as they try to get out.

Once the door is open though? They couldn’t care less about actually going out 😒 I know, I know, cats are like that. But my sleep still gets disturbed and if I don’t get up and go open the door for them, they will start meowing until I do.

New window installed

We got our new window less then an hour ago. Usually I’m kinda anxious to have people come into my home, even when they’re invited, but this time the glazier was long awaited. He was an elderly man, sturdy built, white hair, stubbly chin, small spectacles on his nose and didn’t look like he had taken a sick-day in his whole life. I don’t know, something about him made me feel relaxed, like a father or grandfather figure. I let my guard down as he made a small joke about the broken window. And the laugh I gave wasn’t a forced one, it was genuine. He promised me he would be back around noon at the very latest and just as he said, at 11.45 he returned with the now repaired window.

I had been cleaning all morning, making sure the door to the bedroom was closed at all times so the cats wouldn’t get any crazy ideas. But since I only had the living room left to vacuum I took a break to wait for the glazier to return with the window as I didn’t want to cut the cats off from their regular hiding spot with the window missing. The cats usually likes to hide under the bed when I’m vacuuming and I always start in the bedroom so they have somewhere to flee to once I move into the hall and living room. But since we had no window in the bedroom I had to take all the other rooms first as the cats were hiding in the living room instead. So I sat down, thinking I’d take a little break.. it can’t be that bad, can it? It could. Now I really don’t feel like finishing, even if it’s only to vacuum the last room. Not even my reward for cleaning (something sweet like candy, ice cream or a pastry) seems to be able to get me off my ass.